Just What makes a Man Fall in Love?

This is certainly  an age-old question, asked by millions and millions of women.

How do you make that first spark turn into the blazing fire that makes him fall madly in love with you?

The truth?

No one REALLY and truly knows.

Plus it's impossible for there to be an exact formula that would work on every single man.

That's nonsense thinking because there is no ONE type of guy on this earth!

We are all individuals with different personalities, histories and different emotional baggage we carry around.

But THERE ARE things that you can do that will bring you closer to a man's heart and will increase his desire for you.

And we can tell you about the things which are certain to drive him further away.

But, if anyone tries to tell you that they have THE ONE BIG SECRET that will make any man fall for you each and every time... they are full of it and are just selling you snake oil.

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Here are 3 factors that help make a man fall in love.

You're probably going to notice that some factors you will have control over and others are going to fall outside of your ability to change.

There's just no way around that.

First, we will touch on the one thing that you cannot control​:


It usually starts with that instant, almost unexplainable chemical reaction that creates an undeniable spark between you.

This is that instant attraction that scientists have determined is a chemical reaction which can develop quickly beyond the initial spark of an enduring attraction.

It's something you don't have control over.

You can't predict or create it, even though perfume manufacturers have been trying to do just that for ages.

Now let's cover what you CAN control:​

Your Independence

A quality man will be attracted to an independent woman with a strong sense of self.

What that means is that you have your own interests and friends and don't depend on him to fulfill your every need.

In short, they don't want a needy woman.​

With that said, be sure that the guy you are focussed on is one that you really are into spending your time with and you aren't interested just because you are lonely.

Guys can sense your desperation and it's a major turn-off.

They want a choosey woman who has her own life and would like a man to come along and simply enhance it.​

He will feel that you think of him as special and important when you include him into your life. Since that makes him feel as though he is special then suddenly you become special as well.

Be Authentic

​It is also important to be your authentic self during your courtship.

DO NOT be tempted into trying to be exactly what you think he wants.

I've seen it and I've lived it ...  not being who you really are will backfire at some point when he finds out that you really hate football, you really won't go rock climbing becasue you are too terrified or you really won't live where there's more than 2 inches of snow every winter.

Be honest with yourself.

And be honest with HIM about these things.

You don't really think a fake life will bring you any happiness do you?

It won't... ​

If you are not authentic about what may seem like small things, how would you expect him to trust you in the big things.

When the the truth comes out, all of the time and energy you put into developing a strong bond with this man will just go 'POOF' and disappear.

He just won't be able to trust you. The End!

Showing Respect

Respect is an imporant quality that men crave from women. When you give it to them , it really bolsters their self-esteem in a huge way.

Men love respect.

And that will lead to greater confidence in themselves and the relationship with you.

Getting enough respect opens a man up to giving love more freely to the woman who is bolstering him.

When you think about it, why would you even want to be in love with a man if you can't respect him?

If a man doesn't know for sure that you highly respect him, your relationship will eventually crumble.

So it's better that you start with showing and expressing enough respect for the man you want in your life before ever desiring his love.

Create an environment in which you regularly give him your appreciation and unconditional respect.

Be sure to notice, point out and appreciate the little things he does for you.

You will see it's going to go a long way toward making him happy.

And something which is even more important, is to like and respect him just the way he is without asking him to change or for him to fit into a mold you have in your head of the "perfect man".

Accepting and respecting him the way he is will make it so he won't be able to help himself from falling madly in love with you.

​When a guy feels appreciated for the man he is and not the man you want him to be, you have the best chance of having him declare himself as yours, totally yours, some day.

​If you've appreciated him, show and expressed respect for him and accepted him as his is, you should expect that he will declare himself in love with you after a time . . . If he was on the fence early on, he won't let you go.

But if he hasn't, then he probably won't and it's time to leave.

If he just wasn't attracted to you enough, then no amount of respect shown or work you put in is ever going to change his mind.

Falling in Love is a Process

In the beginning of any new relationship, you're both going to find yourselves physically attracted to one other.

But lasting love usually starts with the foundation of friendship supported by authenticity and evolves into emotional intimacy and closeness.

Love without friendship will not last because there is nothing else between you aside from physical attraction - or lust.

Lust will die.

A man you lust over can eventually become your friend and then evolve into love  - but those typically burn out before that happens.

It is far more preferable to start slowly with friendship that will grow into love. 

Before you go through too much trouble...

Now, before going through all the work of figuring out the best way to make this man fall head over heels in love with you, you need do some refelecting.

Start with asking yourself if this is REALLY THE MAN you want to fall head over heels in love with you?

Even though that might seem like an obvious question, it must be pointed out .  

Because you can do a lot of damage to yourself and to the guys you meet if you are really more in love with the idea of being in love.

If that IS the case...

All you'll end up doing is leaving a trail of broken, hurt and confused men in your wake instead of committing yourself to the one man you say that you want.

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