How to make him want a relationship with you

Is there currently a man in your life that you’d love to be exclusively connected to but he just doesn't seem interested in the same way as you?

Or, could it be that you have your heart set on a guy who’s decided that commitment is not what he wants right now?

Well, don’t give up and walk away!

There are actually some things you can do to change the possible outcome without going overboard or doing anything crazy.

Before you read any further, let me be clear that you can't really MAKE anyone do anything that they don't want to do.

That’s a load of bull!

BUT, there are things that you CAN do to tweak his interest, and even change his mind... a way that will show him future possibilities with you that he may not have otherwise considered.

Before you go any further, I need to point out that it's important to start the relationship with the right power dynamic.

In an ideal relationship, the power dynamic is subtle, and there will be a constant ebb and flow of leverage.

In many, the balance is not so even.

To start off with, if better for a woman to start the relationship with the power dynamic in her favor. And if you make some subtle changes over the coming weeks you can get the power you need.

Part of your power comes from ACTUALLY BEING THE HUNTED!​

You should know that deep down inside, men will only want to be in a serious relationship with a woman who is selective about who she dates.

She needs to be enough of a challenge to catch and not just EASY prey.​

When he thinks you are the kind of woman who was willing to date any guy, then by a man's definition, you the woman did not respect any of those men, nor did you find any of them esteemed.

Also know that men are NOT attracted to the kind of woman who tries to convince them of something.

Men are attracted to women who live by certain standards.

To put this plain and simple...

Any woman that a man perceives as needing his love and commitment will be a total turn-off to him.

Needy is not good.​

But, if the woman keeps enough of her own emotional space, maintains her own social circle and then chooses to "include" him in her life rather than pushing herself into his… this is very attractive to him.

You must remember the ingrained in the natural DNA of a man is that he is the hunter and not the hunted.

Again, this is why you as the woman should not be giving yourself up as an easy catch to every man who comes your way.

That just devalues you.​

An age old skill that woman have been using for centuries is that a man should be made to think that chasing after and wanting you is all HIS idea, when in reality, it is YOU the woman who has persuaded him to chase.

And he don't even know it!!​

But sadly, that old skill has grown quite rusty and almost extinct in this era.

You now live in an age when women are more focused on speaking their mind rather than trying to change someone else's.

Not one human being likes feeling as though someone is demanding something of us that we do not want to give.

No one will give into obvious manipulative behavior.

This is why it is critical that you are living an authentic life in front of him.

Be honest and real about it.

In other words, don't just do something like plan to go out with your friends to make him jealous of the time he isn't spending with you.

When you hang with your friends without him - you do that it because you honestly WANT your girl time with them.

When you can truly live your life as a strong and independent woman, your demeanor and attitude will reflect that.

Don’t ever try to fake it.

Lies will stink and most men will sniff that out pretty quick.

Plus, if the guy decides that you aren't the person for him, you'll still have your friends and social life to fall back on.

Let’s turn the table for a minute.

Think back to a time when a man wanted to be in a relationship with you, but you were not interested.

It could have been a guy who wanted to be your significant other or someone who just wanted to be your friend.

But for some reason or another, you just didn't click with this person.

Now, think about the degree to which they tried to convince you that the friendship or relationship was really something you would want or that it would work was also how hard you tried to get away from them.

And the same fall true of the man you want to have as your significant other.

And the same falls true of the man you want to have as your significant other.

Look at it from that point of view in order to give yourself a real chance for success.

A different strategy would be to let the guy know what you want and then stick to your guns.

Ask him what he wants in a relationship (do this  after several dates or if you are just friends - NEVER on the first couple of dates!)

Then step out and tell him what you want.

Something like: "I want someone who can be my best friend, make me laugh, enjoy the small things in life together, go to the movies, travel and have great sex."

Once he knows what you want, and you told him what you actually believe what you want, he'll be able to decide if he can live up to the standard.

You've set the bar, set a standard and it's clear.

It's what you want.

He now knows it .

No game playing.

No guessing.

If he has just been your friend and has never asked you on a date, it could get him thinking that you are really relationship material.

Now if you are already at the 4th or 5th date and at the start of a relationship, it can solidify for him if the two of you are compatible.

If you happen to have the chance to meet any of his friends or family, it’s important to make a great first impression.

By getting along great with his friends and family, you’ll take a big step towards improving your potential for a long-term relationship.

But, if the opposite happens and you don't think you can get along with his friends and family, take a deep and serious look at this guy.

The apple won’t be falling fall far from the tree.

He likely hangs out with the people who are most like him and he is like his family if he is close with them.

So don't try to convince yourself that you want a man who doesn’t match up with what you want, because you'll end up being really unhappy and totally miserable afterward.

You have value and you should know it.

When you know your value, so will he.

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Wishing you all the best in love and life ~ Vollanza