Make a Man Want You and to Feel that You are the Only Woman He’s Ever Been Meant to be With

Have you ever experienced having the type of man who just wished, wanted and needed you so intensely that he wasn't able to make himself interested in anyone else but YOU?

make him want you

You know – like the way that the character Clay is with Elena in the television show Bitten?

He’s a man aching with so much love that just thinking about her brings a look of desire into his eyes and makes him go weak in the knees, yet fiercely strong to be protective of her. His hero instinct takes over and rules his actions.

Well, I’m about to divulge a shocking and surprising secret that will completely blow your hair back, but in a really good way!

I am here to expose the secret psychology behind how a man falls deeply in love with a woman.

You are about to gain access to the top-secret backdoor in the male mind by using a psychological trigger.

One that will begin a chemical process in his brain that will instinctively inspire him to want to make you feel:


Make you feel WANTED

But even more importantly, he will desperately want to make you feel LOVED and like you’re the most significant woman in the world.


And it is just so easy to make it happen when you know just what to say.

You can do this with just 

some simple little words

that you can whisper into any man’s ear.

Using the right words will activate the natural male instinct to protect, care for & bond with one woman.

Here is how it works...

When a man hears these special key words, his brain will release a chemical that I will call the “Bonding Element” that affects his entire body.

It makes his heartbeat rise.

He becomes excited.

Then the wonderful feeling of love explodes inside him.

More importantly, after hearing these words from you, he will hold you in his heart, have you in his thoughts all the time and he'll experience an almost addictive feeling of love when he’s around you.

So much so that he will intuitively want to commit, comfort & pleasure you for all of his life.

There are  2 basic things to master:

First One: 

You will need to learn how to psychologically condition your chosen man to grow emotionally attached to you.

This is where he starts feeling that you are that you are the one special woman he was always meant to be with.

If this is a man which you are already with, you will be able to have him feel closer and make him develop an even deeper feeling of attachment to you.

This man will become smitten with every little thing about you.

He'll adore your smile, your eyes, the sound of your voice and the feel of your touch whenever he is by your side.


You'll need to learn how to rouse his protector instincts.

This is VERY important because it triggers his natural need to commit to you and remain committed to you forever.

It is at this point where he will tell you that he never wants to lose you and your entrance into his life has given him a distinct feeling of fulfillment like nothing else in the world could.

You'll know that is happening without a shadow of a doubt as his genuine affection will show up through the simplest little gestures.

It will be present in physical signs and signals, like:

  • by the way that he holds you, how hugs you
  • in the way he leans in close to you
  • how he lovingly plays around with your hair while telling you that you're more than everything he could have wanted in his life

All this can happen when you know what the trigger words are and when you should speak them to the man you want to desire you.

Okay, I can almost feel the excitement building up inside of you and I know you’re starving to learn this.

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Wishing you the best in love and life ~ Vollanza