Letting Go of a Bad Yesterday in 8 Steps

It's inevitable that the road of life will sometimes take us across rough terrain. The bumps in the road of life are regrets, disappointments, and tragedies.

When you are riding along a rough road it becomes easy to get caught in the pot holes when you are staring into your rear-view mirror at the past.

Keep your hands on the wheel and look straight ahead at the horizon line - and that's where you'll be headed.

let it go

Here’s how you can let go of the past to focus on the road ahead to move into the present and look towards your future:

Know that you have a choice.

You are not really a victim of circumstance and no one other than you can tie you to the past. It is up to you to decide whether or not to move on. But you need to dig deep within yourself and actually decide to have the courage to break free of whatever is chaining you to your past.

There is a difference between learning from the past and letting it control you.

Understand that it’s perfectly healthy to look back as long as you’re doing so to learn from your past. Just beware of becoming so preoccupied with it that it begins to dictate your present and future. Don’t let your past define you.

Make some changes.

Change the things in your life to reinforce a new path and direction. Getting rid of some past possessions and even doing some simple redecorating of your home can help. Move some furniture around, repaint your bedroom and create a new environment.

These are different times for you now, clear the past by making your present look different and fresher.

Also, spend time with the people who are supportive of you and want to help you to move on. Read inspiring material and try meditation. Eventually a new perspective will gradually emerge.

Dump the nostalgia.

Don’t be let yourself think that all your best days are behind you. Expect to be blessed with great happenings to come again in new ways. Recognize that your success is not dependent on any special time or place that can never be recaptured again. Keep active and contributing to the world.

Seek healing for a broken heart.

Understand that, no matter what happened to cause your loved one to be gone from your life, you can transform your pain into positive personal growth. The past is written and cannot be changed; accept that.

Don’t waste time and energy trying to numb a broken heart with drugs or alcohol, denying your feelings, or jumping into a “rebound” relationship.

You need to heal yourself.

Healing comes by trusting yourself again.

You attracted certain people into your life because your thoughts summoned the universe to bring them to you. Understand that some people will be a part of your life just briefly for a specific reason, while others will be there for your whole life. Focus on liking and loving yourself - building your confidence and you will attract the same into your life.

Lose any bitterness.

If someone hurt you, you will only continue to feel that pain by holding onto bitterness. It will just poison your soul.

The only real antidote is forgiveness!

Make the decision to block the people who have wronged you from having any control in your life.  Always be willing to forgive, even when people repeatedly wrong you and don’t even ask for your forgiveness, or refuse to reconcile, or are deceased.

Realize that forgiveness doesn't depend on what you consider fair, reasonable, or just. Rise above lowly behavior and know that the bitterness will clear out of your life as you forgive.

Let go of unhealthy attachments.

If that person or thing no longer has a place in your present or future, don’t waste time or energy trying to hold onto them. Realize that it – whatever it happens to be – is truly over. Refuse to be sucked into pointless wallowing or sorrow over something you can’t do anything about. Trust in yourself and know that by moving forward will lead to new beginnings filled with promise.

Encourage others.

Realize that your experiences in life can be for the benefit of others too. You will feel better, happier when you can use your wisdom to help other people. Use what you've learned about moving on to encourage others to do the same.

If you have tried all of this already and you are still struggling to implement positive changes, you can STILL learn how to manifest a brighter life for yourself.

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Begin to fulfill your potential.

Your past does not determine your future.

Let it go and step boldly into your future!