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9  Ways to Tell When He Isn't Very Interested in You

Since  guys and girls were not born with the same thinking patterns, we lack the natural ability to communicate with each other effectivly.  

Most often, it's easier to misunderstand what a guy is saying or really means.

It can be even easier to misunderstand his nonverbal cues when what you really want from him is actually the exact opposite of what he is communicating.

For example, imagine that you wanted a man to be as interested in you as you are in him.

That strong desire can make it all too easy for your mind to ignore some very telling non-verbal cues he is using to indicate that he's just not that into you.

Although that's a tough pill to swallow, you need to recognize when he is not truly interested so you can move on.

It's better to cut him loose early...

And open yourself up to finding a relationship where you will mutually enjoy each other's company.

9 Different cues to watch for to know when he isn't interested in you

1. Lack of Eye Contact

When you - or any human being - is truly interested in another person, your focus is on them when you are together.

A man who is into you will look at your face and into your eyes.

He won't be gazing at everyone else in the room or constantly checking his phone.

So if your date seems more interested at staring over your shoulder or at the fly on the wall instead of looking at you, it's a fair assumption that they are not interested in you and they just can't wait for the date to be over.

2. No Casual Touch or Engaging Body Language

Another  telling clue that your date may not be too interested is ususally communicated without them even knowing it.

His body language is non-verbal communication which is both:

Powerful and Very Telling

Little things say a lot ...

Like if his feet are pointed away from you most of the time, or if he crosses his arms over his chest, or he turns his body away from you instead of being open and faced towards you.

These are all signs and cues indicating that he's just not that in to you.

3. He Talks About His Ex Way too Much

If the man you are dating or involved with has an ex, it's normal for him to have shared some info about her.  

But once that subject has been dealt with, it should be dropped.

And if you are on future dates, it should not come up again.

This is something he should have filed away into the anals of his brain and has sealed shut once his attention is on a relationship with you!

If things between the two of you continue, but you are finding that the new man in your life spends more time talking about his last relationship or his female friends - your warning bells should be going off.

Not in a million years do you want to be doing this to him if you are interested in developing THIS relationship deeper. He wouldn't want to be hearing you talk about other guys.

So if your guy is doing that to YOU... it's a bad sign. ​

4. Lack of Staying in Contact

If a man isn't staying in touch with you, on his own and on a regular basis - then he probably doesn't care if the relationship continues or fails.

Even though a lot of women are not interested in making the first move, most of you don't have an issue with calling/texting a guy who's already shown that he is interested in you .

In fact...

both the guy and the girl should be contacting each other.

But if staying in touch is a one way street then your guy is probably not interested in continuing.

You'll know this for sure if you stop calling and you never hear from him again.

5. Never Meeting His Friends or Family

When you are dating a man who just keeps you all to himself - it's a red flag.

There are a couple of different reasons why.

One is that he does not see you as a woman with long-term potential in his life, so he has no desire for you to meet his family or friends.

It could even mean that he is some sort of control freak - but it can also be a sign that he is close to calling it quits with you.

6. He Comes Looking Like a Train Wreck

Anyone who shows up for their date in the early stages of getting to know one another should be well groomed.

If your new date looks like he just rolled out of bed, he either doesn't have enough respect for you or he just doesn't care enough 'to give you his very best.'

It doesn't matter which interpretation is right, it's probably best that you cut him lose really fast and move on.

7. He Doesn't Rememeber Anything You Say

When you are having a conversation with your date, it's important to pay attention to what's being said.

This naturally makes the other person feel good when they know that you were paying attention to what they shared.

So when you had an entire conversation with a guy who can't seem to remember one single fact or idea from the whole thing, it's totally discouraging.

It's horrible sign that means:

he's not interested in you!

But even if that is the case, remember that just because this guy might not be that in to you, it doesn't mean there isn't a man who is out there waiting just for someone like you.

8. He Never Gives You a Gift

If a guy is dating you just until someone 'better' comes along, he won't usually invest his time, energy or money into buying you gifts.

A man who truly likes and is drawn to you will want give you a gift - even just a small, inexpensive item is all he can afford  -  and will do so by looking for things to give that he believes you'll really enjoy.

Giving gifts has been a popular way to show affection and love for ages. This practice has not changed in the last 1000 years!

9. Getting Physical Right Away

Men and women may do things a little differently in this way of telling that they aren't interested.

In most cases, a woman wants to avoid being in intimate settings where physical contact may be expected.

But it can be the total opposite for a man.

A man who is not interested in a woman as 'relationship material' or as a 'future wife' will often want to hit on you for immediate sex.

They just want to take care of a physical need in that moment, and nothing more!

So don't fall for it and get yourself out of that situation and away from that guy as fast as you can.

What to Do Next?

Just because one man isn't interested in you doesn't mean that you aren't interesting.

Keep looking because you will find a person who fits just right, when the timing is right.

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