How to get your Ex back 

get my ex back

So you want to get him back?  

Well, there are a couple of very important things you need to have to get your ex back. Without them, you should just move on to someone new.

Now if you don’t understand just how important these 2 things are, your ex will just drift further and further away from you until he is so hopelessly out of reach he’ll be gone forever.

If you really want your ex back – you need to learn and NAIL down these 2 key things:

#1 – Appeal to His Emotional Mind

Human beings - even MEN - have two different dimensions to their mind: the logical and emotional

Logic is engaged by our conscious thoughts which take place during active control of your mind.

want him back

However, the unconscious state of mind is not within your active control.

It is the unconscious mind that is responsible for emotions, and the deepest part of his heart.  

Call this the emotional mind.

Whenever there is conflict between the conscious and the unconscious mind, the odds are stacked with the side of the unconscious mind winning.

What that means is: Emotion overpowers Logic.

If you are able to appeal to and win over the emotional part of your ex’s mind, you will be able to draw him back to you because that part of his mind isn’t within his conscious control. His heart will take over.

He just won’t be able to help  himself.

The magic is being able to ignite feelings of desire, love and affection within him, and your ex will have absolutely no idea how you’re doing it. 

He will just feel this deep, inner urge to be with you again.

But there is another side to all of this.

Sometimes there are couples where one of them falls out of love and even shifts to disliking the very person they once loved so dearly.

The reason for that isn’t because of a conscious choice made by that person.

It comes about from a deep and uncontrollable emotional level.

They have nasty feelings that have grown and then drive them to pull away from their partner.

You see, your unconscious mind is like the most fertile earth. Whatever you plant in it is eventually what will grow.

So to get your ex back, you have to cleanse the negative image of yourself from your ex’s mind and replace that with a new positive image of yourself.

Once you are successful at doing that, your ex will feel the old familiar desires and strong inner urges to be with you again…  

He will like you in the same way he liked you at the early stages of your relationship.

He'll find it impossible to keep you out of his mind and finally want you back at any possible cost.

# 2 – Change the Feelings They Connect to Their Mental Image of You

These feelings have been touched upon bit, but let me make something very clear – To get your ex to want you back, they must feel these 3 emotions for you again:

Attraction + Desire + Love

how to get him back

Right now, they might be feeling the total opposite of all those emotions.  Very negative feelings like reluctance, anger or even hate and anger towards you.

So in order to get him back, you must switch hate to desire, reluctance to attraction and anger to love.

Whenever you mentally picture a person, your unconscious mind gives you feelings associated with that person, which makes you either like or dislike them.

For that reason, you need to transform the image of you in your ex’s mind so they will associate feelings of attraction and desire with the image they see of you, in their head.

That it so powerful that your ex won’t be able to help himself.

He will subconsciously start feeling intense feelings for you, and he'll be unconsciously compelled to want you again – even if  his conscious mind is fighting it.

By not using this secret, then you are suffering a huge disadvantage.

You are actually making a massive mistake that will haunt you later in life. Not knowing this will lead you into future relationship problems and even failures – you will end up being confused and frustrated over and over again.

Now you’re probably saying – OKAY – I get that I need to captivate the emotional mind of my ex and change the feelings connected to their mental image of me.

But what exactly do you need to say and do to make it happen?

I want to give you exactly what to do to make your ex desire you uncontrollably.

Knowing the attraction secrets will hand you the power to create the most irresistible attraction back to you in your ex’s mind, every single time. You need to become a modern Siren!

Learn the secrets of being a modern siren - get the path to his heart through his emotional mind... Read more here (a new page will open)