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he's not into you

How to Tell if a Guy Doesn’t Like You – 9 Clues

9  Ways to Tell When He Isn’t Very Interested in YouSince  guys and girls were not born with the same thinking patterns, we lack the natural ability to communicate with each other effectivly.  Most often, it’s easier to misunderstand what a guy is saying or really means. It can be even easier to misunderstand his […]

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What makes a man fall in love with you?

Just What makes a Man Fall in Love?This is certainly  an age-old question, asked by millions and millions of women. How do you make that first spark turn into the blazing fire that makes him fall madly in love with you?The truth?No one REALLY and truly knows.Plus it’s impossible for there to be an exact […]

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Best Way to Make a Guy Express His Feelings for You

Best Way to Make a Guy Express His Feelings for YouMake Him Share His FeelingsThis is a big complaint, if not THE BIGGEST one that so many women have about the guy they are involed with.It’s his lack of ability to share his deepest feelings and to express himself in a truly authentic way with you. […]

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How to Make a Man Want You More for a Relationship

How to make him want a relationship with youIs there currently a man in your life that you’d love to be exclusively connected to but he just doesn’t seem interested in the same way as you?Or, could it be that you have your heart set on a guy who’s decided that commitment is not what […]

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