How to Improve Your Relationship and Make It Stronger

If you have a true desire to make your relationship better, you can. Romance is not some spontaneous and involuntary feeling. Studies by psychologists support this. 

“Get rid of the myth that these things should just happen spontaneously and that there is something wrong with the relationship because you are not all over each other every minute, as when you began the relationship. The truth is that you have to put in time and energy and make a conscious effort to sustain the relationship and the passion.”

The Psychology Between Love and Romance

Dr. Rachel Needle 
Professor,  South University                 

So resolve make your relationship better and stronger.

Starting NOW, apply these 6 relationship tips right away get on the right track.

Once you do, you will find your significant other will be happier and your relationship will be stronger the instant you do.

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Tip# 1 – Reserve Special Time for One Another

Life for most couples is busy with work, daily chores, running kids around or just being hung up in traffic!

But you need to reserve special time to just BE with each other without any distractions.

You can do this by committing to one night a week as a date night. Watch a movie at the theater or at home.

Go to dinner or cook together! Whatever you do – make sure it is just for the 2 of you and it is something you will enjoy.

Tip# 2 – Say YES More and No a Lot Less

Has your other half been asking you to do something that you keep saying no to? Maybe it’s an activity (like going fishing) or a travel destination or perhaps something intimate during sexy time!

Resolve to being more open and saying yes – just to please your partner.

It’s an act of generosity and giving.

So give the gift of YES more often.

Your spouse will be thrilled and the kindness of your YES will most certainly get reciprocated with a softer, kinder and more generous partner.

Tip#3 – Put Away the Smartphone & Electronics

Let’s face it… the more your face is pointed down into your phone or laptop, the less it is focused on your other half. This acts as a total distraction and lessons communication with each other.

It takes away from who and what really matters  most.

So make sure you put your phone away and set it on silent so your full attention  will be turned towards who you are with.

Focus on making eye contact and actually paying attention the one who really matters to you.

Tip#4 – Stop Keeping Track of Negativities

Unfortunately this happens in most relationships… we start to focus too much on their negatives.

Like he/she leaves dirty clothing on the floor, or makes a mess eating in front of the TV and doesn’t clean it up … stuff like that. But think about what if they weren’t around at all to make that mess!

Wouldn’t you miss him/her?

If not , you probably should be looking at getting more serious help than these 6 tips… you need to save your relationship!

Stop sweating the small stuff.

Don’t let the little things in life bug you and make you negative towards your partner.

Tip# 5 – Have a More Positive Attitude

Once you have resolved to let go of negativity, crank up the positivity. Think about the things your really love about your most beloved one.

Point out those things out to them and also the things that most matter to you.

These might be things you have been taking for granted about them for a while. Maybe it is something you have always taken for granted!

Pay attention to the finer points… all the little things about them that make you smile.

Then thank them for those things.

Tip# 6 – Pay Attention and Listen

We get it… you honestly don’t give a rip about hearing all the details of the championship ball game or the great finds picked up at the last garage sale.

Regardless of how much YOU ARE NOT interested in those things, your partner IS, so respect them by listening to them.

Because it matters to them.

If you make the effort to listen to these seemingly unimporatnt conversations about what exited and thrilled them, you will both be more connected.

This will be a big help when it comes to discussing the bigger things in life that matter to both of you.

Bottom Line

Great and fulfilling relationships do not happen without effort. So value the future you plan with your loved one and put in the effort to make your relationship better.

Be the one to step up first!

It will make your coupledom healthier, happier and better than ever.

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​Wishing you the best in love and life ~ Vollanza